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Customer Care

With a long history of sewing and a love of fabric, making cushions and zip bags to a global audience was a something I wanted to do once I sold my former international consulting business. 

We want our clients to be happy and experience a level of trust when dealing with Fabrics by Design. 

Once again, we are here to please by operating an ethical business where were take great care to source a variety of interesting fabrics printed in modern and environmentally active facilities.

The management of international human labor is a concern to Fabrics by Design.  We undertake checks to ensure that we engage a business that is protective of all humans, particularly women and children when seeking our fabrics.   

Privacy & Safety

We treat your privacy very seriously. We do not share you details with anyone, unless required to do so for delivery of your products such as shipping details for our contracted shipping company.

Your information is stored securely to protect your information and not shared, under any circumstances, with a third-party operative.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments on request for larger orders

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